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Welcome to the Rotary eClub of District 7510 Horizon.

As an officially chartered eClub of Rotary International, we offer all of the benefits of Rotary:  vocational fellowship; participation in a global community of concerned business people; and, most importantly, the opportunity to contribute to community service and charitable giving at the local, regional, and international levels.

By participating in virtual discussions on engaging topics (our “eMeetings”), we eliminate the travel, scheduling, and extra meal and facility costs of weekly in-person meetings.  Members of the Rotary eClub of District 7510 Horizon also enjoy in person community service opportunities.  eClub members are also eligible to visit any Rotary Club internationally, whether a traditional “in-person” meeting or another online club.  We receive Rotary International magazine, enjoy fellowship with other concerned business owners, and have opportunities for vocational networking and community service at the local, national, and international levels.

How to Access the eClub Discussions

Events, discussions, and donations may be made through our Rotary eClub of District 7510 Horizon app, which is hosted through GroupAhead, a Rotary approved provider.  To participate in the eClub discussions, you must connect to the Rotary eClub of District 7510 Horizon App.

How to Connect Using your Smart Phone or Tablet

Download our App on your Smart Phone or Tablet:  Follow this Link for Instructions

How to Participate

Through the app, you can post to the eClub’s discussion board, view events, make donations, and participate in an online meeting.  Member’s of the Rotary eClub are charged annual dues of $200.00.  Guests of the eClub are requested to make a $15 donation per meeting attended.  Potential members can try out the App and Rotary eClub participation for free for a limited time.

How to Join the eClub

Check out our Join Now and Benefit of Membership pages!

Benefits of eClub Membership

  • Rights and Privileges of a Rotarian in a traditional Rotary Club
  • Flexible meetings ie: website is available 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week (a Club that never sleeps)
  • Reduced cost of membership
  • A network to perform service
  • Updates on club projects and Fellowship opportunities
  • Local and international service project opportunities
  • Joining a club of forward-thinking, “outside the box” Rotarians
  • Can attend any Rotary meetings and events, locally and internationally!

Visit our page which reviews all Member Benefits!

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