SERVICE PROJECT: Rotary & Rutgers: Herb Garden Planning

Herb Garden Planning: Our first meeting will be Tuesday, March 26th at 1:30 pm at the RCE office in Hunterdon.   If you can attend this meeting, contact Rebecca Magron, at

“Growing Lives One Seed at a Time” is a unique garden pilot initiative involving the partnership of Rotary International and Rutgers University and its Entities in 5 counties throughout Central New Jersey. The partnership is committed to focusing on providing opportunities for accommodating a broad spectrum of audiences, with varying and diverse limitations, ages, and abilities via Enabling Gardens. The partnership will plan, design, introduce, and implement Enabling Garden Spaces, which by definition are growing environments that invite and permit participation by various individuals or groups.

Who can benefit? People of all ages at any stage of life.

  1. No one should be denied the benefits of working with plants
  1. Anyone can be successful with plants on some level
  1. Successes with plants can lead to other successes in our lives
  1. Plants are universally appealing: They are part of the human experience at a very early age
  1. Goals may vary between populations and between individuals


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