JOIN OUR DISCUSSION: Download our Horizon Rotary App

We are pleased to announce that the Horizon eClub has an updated app that is now available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store to download onto your mobile devices.

We want everyone to download this app, because we are using it as our main form of communication among club members. Service opportunities, group discussion forums, posts, pictures, and RSVP’s will all be shared and commented upon using the medium of this new app, so it’s imperative that you download it if you want to be able to participate in our club activities.

In order to download the app, please refer to the instructions below:

1.) If you have already have the app because you downloaded it through our direct link (or otherwise downloaded the app prior to June 2017), PLEASE DELETE THE OLD APP from your phone. If you have the old and new both downloaded, this can lead to problems down the road.

2.) Download the app

(a) Apple Devices:
i. Click the “App Store” icon on your home screen that is blue & white and resembles two writing implements crossed over a ruler
ii. Search for “horizoneclub” in the search bar
iii. Click the app on the list called “HorizoneClub”
iv. Click the little button called “Get”
v. The button should now say “Install.” Tap it again
vi. You may have to enter your Apple Account password
vii. Wait for the app to download
viii. When it has finished, it should appear on your home screen as an app called “HorizonEclub”
(b) Google/Android Devices:
i. Click on the “Play Store” icon on your home screen. It should resemble a white paper bag with a multi-color triangle on it
ii. Search for “horizoneclub” in the search bar
iii. Click the green “Install Button”
iv. You may have to log into your gmail account at this point to confirm it is you
v. Wait for the app to download
vi. When it has finished, it should appear on your home screen as an app called “HorizonEclub”

3.) Open the app, and enter your email address.

*You should enter the email address that you gave to Rotary when signing up/inputting info. If you are not sure what email address you used to sign up for the club, please email and we can let you know.
*You’ll need to sign into this account. If you don’t have the password anymore let us know before you enter your email address into the app.

4.) Now you’ll need to sign into that email address from step 3. **Note: You must log into your email from your mobile phone** Open your email and you should have received an automatic message from our app. If you don’t see it, check your “Spam” folder. When you see the message, open it and click the blue link.

5.) Now go back to the “HorizonEclub” app. It should now be showing a list of your information, like name, company, and club affiliation. If it does not show this, you can enter it now. When you are done updating your info, press “Okay” or “Confirm” at the bottom of the screen (you may have to scroll down the page with your finger).

6.) From here you should be able to navigate the app at your leisure. We recommend that you explore the app to see its features! If you have any problems or questions in downloading the app, please respond to this email!

This is a step forward technologically for our organization and we hope it will make it easier and more enjoyable to be a Rotarian for all of you!

For technical support, email

June 28th, 2017 by