Hikes not Heroin

Take a Hike Against Heroin

Saturday, October 20, 2018
10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Horseshoe Bend Park, Kingwood Township, New Jersey
178 Horseshoe Bend Road, Frenchtown, New Jersey 08825
Trail Map
All proceeds benefits Prevention Resources, Inc.

Bring: Water, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and Snacks or Picnic


Heroin abuse is a dangerous epidemic.  Families, individuals, and businesses participating in the Hikes-Not-Heroin event are supporting the following messages:

  • Life is a hike, and with each step, we have a choice.
  • Heroin is dangerous.  Heroin hurts people, families, and businesses.  Don’t try heroin.
  • We are not ignoring this problem.   We will walk with our families and community to raise funds for Heroin Prevention.
  • Our community supports wellness. Alternatives are available.  No one is alone.
  • Unplug – de-stress naturally.  Kids should be kids.  Have real fun!  Go hiking!

Opening ceremony at 10:30 a.m., followed by a self-guided hike through the looping trails of Horseshoe Bend Park (South Entrance).  Visit sponsored Waypoints along the trails, picnic with your family, take a hike, and make a donation to support Prevention Resources, Inc. Dog Friendly!


How to Get Involved:

Hike With Us – Enjoy this self-guided hike with Waypoints of interest along the way: yoga, art, give-aways, and other experiences await you in the woods.  Hiker Pre-Registration is Appreciated! Recommended donation is $20 per individual, $50 per family.

Red Ribbon Tributes – Contact us in advance and we will temporarily decorate a tree along the trail with a Red Ribbon in honor of friends and family whose lives are impacted by heroin.  Each ribbon will be anonymous, however, those who have lost loved ones to heroin have the option of tying a written tribute to a red ribbon during the hike (please register in advance).  Sponsored by Flemington Floral.

Waypoint Sponsors – Business and Student Organizations may sponsor a Waypoint of interest along the trail.  Waypoints will be marked on a map and should be interactive, inspirational, or educational for our hikers. Emphasis should be on heroin abuse awareness and prevention, wellness, hiking, relevant give-aways, art, or entertainment.  Each Waypoint must be arranged in advance with approval of the Horizon Rotary eClub.

Make a Donation – All proceeds from our 2017 hike will benefit Prevention Resources, Inc.

Buy a T-Shirt – Because our Logo is so cool and our message is so awesome! (Thanks to Fastsigns of Flemington for donating the logo!)

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